Friday 6 January 2017

January's Tip Comp - Week 1

It's that time again. A New Year & New Tip Comp!!!!!!!!! Who win all the lovely money, bragging rights and shout from a mountain top they are the best racing tipster in the world? Not sure if any of our tipsters have climbed a mountain but this could be the year to make the summit of Mt Winnertipster. I have a vivid imagination. Last month/year saw Jodonovan take the spoils and fill his pockets with money. Sounds a good day. I finished runner-up with Longbow while Rawnsley and Mixerman hit the board. 

Wipe the slate clean. Get ready to win. 

Please make your payments via the website. Deadline 11:30 am. Get those tips in nice and early. Best wishes for a prosperous year. 

Tipster selections: 

1:15 Sandown       - Mystifiable 2pt w (Eric Winner) 7th
1:50 Sandown       - Savello 2pt w (Mixerman)  6th
3:00 Sandown       - Gas Line Boy 2pt w (Mark J) 4th
3:00 Sandown       - Shuil Royale 2pt w (Betmanmike)PU
3:00 Sandown       - Aerial 2pt w (Jodonovan)9th
3:15 Wincanton     - Milford 1pt ew (Winter) 5th
6:45 Wolverhampton - Dukes Meadow 1pt ew (Rawnsley)3rd 3.8pts
7:15 Wolverhampton - Living Leader 1pt ew (Shukman)9th
7:15 Wolverhampton - Jazzri 2pt w (Bird)7th
8:45 Wolverhampton - Fear The Fury 2pt w (HCE)1st 15pts
8:45 Wolverhampton - Basheer 2pt w (Longbow)Unp

Good luck to all