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Saturday, 29 August 2020

Saturday Tipping Competition 29th August

Just a random selection of horse running today with a chance:

12:20 Newmarket - Et Tu Brtue 3rd 

12:35 Windsor - Whenthedeadlinesdone 3rd

1:15 Goodwood - Lullaby Moon 1st

1:30 Newmarket - Legal Attack 1st

1:50 Goodwood - Happy Romance NR

2:55 Redcar - Italian Breeze 1st

3:30 Redcar - Showalong 1st

5:10 Redcar - Candescence NR

Good luck to all  

Friday, 5 June 2020

Saturday Tipping Competition - Still Sidelined (6th June)

Hi Everyone, 

All players should have received this 

I trust you are keeping safe and well. 

It seems a long time between drinks but thankfully the racing has resumed. 

However, we will not be having a tipster competition this month so please do not send any money or tips for Saturday 6th June. 

I've had problems with Paypal who seemed to create a storm in a teacup about me using their platform regarding ''gambling, lottery, etc'' or whatever they imagine, and for a time my account was limited which isn't very good as I use it for business. 

Anyway, I will use this month to figure out what is best regarding the Saturday Tipster Competition but to be fair it looks unlikely it will be continued in the future which is a shame. 

I will get back to you all at the end of this month with an update. 

Please note, anyone in credit will be refunded on 4th July or before if they wish.

Thanks for your support, 

Friday, 17 April 2020

When Will It Start?

When will Coronavirus end? 

When will the horse racing begin?

In many ways, these are impossible questions to answer. The government is doing its best to keep us safe and sound. The exit route beyond self-isolation is still up in the air. What can they say? 

Just like reading the form for a horse, you can only make an assessment based on data. Without data, we are literally left in the dark. So why on earth people keep asking when, when, when, is almost a pointless exercise. 

I'm waiting for the two-year-old horse racing to start. The BHA has stated that we will have to wait and see. The welfare of the population should be enough for all to heed the lessons of safety first. 

It could well be June before the horse racing starts. It may be a lot longer because we don't know.

Who knows. 

A few horse trainers have been quite vocal in asking for a date to be given so they can get ready for the off. it is understandable. But is it logical? 

John Berry is always a voice of reason, and he makes a great argument about why people need to just wait and see.

From a two-year-old horse racing point of view, it will seem strange for the juveniles to be starting halfway through the season. Will the meeting be confined to a handful of racecourses. How many race meetings will there be a week and will the season be kept going longer to make up for lost time?

Time will tell. 

I guess it is all about looking at the bigger picture and seeing the wood for the trees. 

Until the time comes we just have to wait, keep safe, and see. 

Friday, 10 April 2020

Still in the Tradition of Tipping

Well, another week has passed.

I thought I would write a post to fill a hole in the wall. To be honest, I'm missing the Tip Comp.

More so, the fact that the Flat turf season should be part of the summing up. The Brocklesby Stakes would have been of interest. I think that is usually on a Saturday. Not that is matters. 

We are all waiting and wondering when the racing will start behind closed doors. 

I'm more interested in the welfare of the racing industry keeping going and for owners and trainers not to get itchy or desperate feet and struggle under the financial burden that all too many people are suffering at this time. 

I know most horse owners have little hope of winning prize money at the best of times. However, the hope of such a day is enough to keep the wheels of racing turning. The level of prize money in the UK has been dire for decades. I think it is actually less than it was a decade ago.

But, as we know, it is better than not.

I fear owners will be moaning at their trainers and asking for a cut-price deal over the period, trainers will feel like they are in an impossible position because they are stuck in an awful situation. I wonder if any owners have just walked away and declared there is no way they are paying for a racehorse when it isn't racing. I guess it is all about money.

I know the majority of owners would rather sell their grandmother than let their horse go and I applaud all who are doing there very best for racing. 

At the end of the day, it will be the horses who pay the price if it all goes wrong and that really doesn't bear thinking about. 

Anyway, horse racing is still continuing at a few locations on planet Earth. I see Gulfstream Park is still plugging along. That's not too far away from West Palm Beach where I have been much of the last two years. It is, in fact, near Fort Lauderdale. A stone's throw from the coast. 

I see on Saturday, there are a couple of meetings in Australia, Randwick, and Caulfield. 

There may be a few more pop up on the day as the Racing Post seems pretty poor at working out a lot of these meetings.

Roll on racing coming back to the UK. 

It is something the racing industry needs more than race fans.

Friday, 3 April 2020

The Positives of a Virtual Grand National 2020

This time last year... 

Who would have believed that the Grand National - the most famous National Hunt race in the world would be virtual?

I think I could have got odds of 1000/1. 

The National was postponed on Saturday 5th April 1997 after the IRA bomb threat forced the course to be evacuated. However, it took part on Monday (7th April) giving the winner, Lord Gyllene, a nice weekend break. Jockey Tobby Dobin and trainer Steve Brookshaw must have wondered what all the fuss was about when the 14/1 won by 25 lengths. 

This year, Coronavirus has reared its ugly head as the invisible enemy to humanity and in the process knocked sport for six with the outfielder some 200 miles north of South Africa (but he's getting in position for the best catch of his life).

So this Saturday 4th April the Grand National takes place with 40 runners. A host of familiar names including Tiger Roll, ridden by Davy Russell. Please remember, these are computer-generated horses and jockeys. 

The ''race'' will be televised on ITV 4th April from 5pm. The coverage will be led by Nick Luck and Alice Plunkett (yes, they are their real names, and real people). The commentary will be undertaken by Stewart (The Machine) Machin. He is a real person, too, and not as some had considered for years to be an android beamed down from one of Neptune's moons (Triton).

The race won't be live as it has been pre-recorded. Hardly surprising, hey. 

So what are the advantages of the virtual Grand National? I can see most horse racing fans reading those words in horror. 

  • Unaffected by Coronavirus
  • Still betting taking place
  • All profits from bookmakers DONATED to NHS Charities
  • No injuries to horse or rider
  • It boosts morale in these difficult times

Form: Unknown to me, the virtual Grand National has taken place before. Last year, it was won by Rathvinden, with Tiger Roll finishing second place. 

Analysis: Will Tiger Roll win the Virtual Grand National? I can see him going very well. And I think he will be the selection and winner! Although, there is some reason to question whether he will win. Shock horror. Because, if he does prevail, it is very unlikely the bookies will show a profit that will be donated to the NHS. So, could we be in for a shock result? Perhaps a rank outsider so all the dosh goes to the noblest of causes? It wouldn't be a bad result in the fight against Coronavirus. So that's the dilemma. Will he (Tiger Roll) win or not? The choice, if you decide to bet, is yours! Good luck.   

Here is a list of runners and riders and betting odds: 

1. Tiger Roll, Davy Russell (5/1f)(Gazmachine)4th

2. Bristol De Mai, Daryl Jacob (20/1)(Mickishi)
3. Aso, Charlie Deutsch 66/1)
4. Elegant Escape, Jonjo O'Neill jnr (20/1)
5. Anibale Fly, Barry Geraghty (20/1)(Me Old Mum)
6. Top Ville Ben, Tom Dowson (45/1)
7. Beware The Bear, Jerry McGrath (33/1)
8. Peregrine Run, Kevin Sexton (66/1)
9. Jett, Sam Waley-Cohen (50/1) (Bobby Talk)
10. Alpha Des Obeaux, Richard Johnson (25/1)
11. Total Recall, Paul Townend  (25/1)(Longbow)
12. The Storyteller, Keith Donoghue (40/1)
13. Magic Of Light, Robbie Power (18/1) (Damian Kay) 
14. Talkischeap, Tom Cannon (25/1)
15. Yala Enki, Bryony Frost (28/1) (Mark J)
16. Ballyoptic, Sam Twiston-Davies (25/1)(Winter, Bird, Yvonnew, Jodonovan)
17. Burrows Saint, Rachael Blackmore (12/1)(Lindybops, Afistfullofdollars)5th
18. Definitly Red, Brian Hughes (14/1)(Tom Corderoy, Jerry Banks, Mickwalkersnr, Baby Jane) 
19. Sub Lieutenant, JJ Slevin (33/1)
20. Ok Corral, Derek O’Connor (25/1)
21. Tout Est Permis, Sean Flanagan (80/1)
22. Vintage Clouds, Danny Cook (33/1)
23. Crievehill, Tom Bellamy (66/1)
24. Lake View Lad, Henry Brooke (50/1)
25. Jury Duty, Mark Enright (40/1)
26. Pleasant Company, David Mullins (28/1)(Glueythepig) 
27. Acapella Bourgeois, Danny Mullins (33/1)(OneEyeEnos)
28. Shattered Love, Lisa O'Neill (66/1)
29. Any Second Now, Mark Walsh (10/1)(Eric Winner, Dan The Man)3rd
30. Potters Corner, Jack Tudor (18/1)(Mixerman, Hoofhearted)1st
31. Dounikos, Luke Dempsey (50/1)
32. Kildisart, Nico de Boinville (50/1)
33. Death Duty, Gavin Brouder (50/1)
34. Ramses De Teillee, Tom Scudamore (66/1)
35. Valtor, James Bowen (66/1)(Shukman)
36. Saint Xavier, David Maxwell (66/1)
37. Warriors Tale, Harry Cobden 80/1)
38. Double Shuffle, Jonathan Burke (100/1)
39. Kimberlite Candy, Richie McLernon (16/1)(HCE, Norfolkenchants)
40. Walk In The Mill, James Best (16/1) (Derek T, Betmanmike)2nd

Well done Mixerman & Hoofhearted for winning the Virtual Grand National and £25 each. 

Thursday, 26 March 2020

March's Tip Comp - Week 4 (Friday) (27th March 2020)

For the tip comp as well as just about every human being on Earth, this has been strange if not worrying month. 

With UK horse racing grinding to a halt we are searching for racecards to complete this month and then postpone the tipping comp until domestic horse racing resumes, hopefully, sometime soon.

Please take note this week's tip comp will take place on FRIDAY 27th March. 

It isn't ideal, but we have three racecards from U.S (America) racing to make a tip: Tampa Bay Downs, Gulfstream Park & Santa Anita.  

You can find the racecards here

We have a 2pm deadline. 

Last week saw just two winners. Afistfullofdollars put 8pts in his pocket while HCE got lucky with a 20/1 winner and 42pts. 

So the leaderboard goes as follows: HCE has 42pts, Afistfullofdollars 24.4pts, Mickishi 23.4pts, Lindybops 11pts, Norfolkenchants 8pts & Baby Jane 6.5pts. 

Good luck to all and thanks for your support.



Tipster selections: 

6:19  Tampa Bay        - Romancing The Cat 2pt w (Betmanmike) Unp
6:19  Tampa Bay        - Maybeyesmaybeno 2pt w (Mickwalkersnr) Unp
6:19  Tampa Bay        - Romancing The Cat 2pt w (Yvonnew) Unp
6:19  Tampa Bay        - Romancing The Cat 2pt w (Gazmachine) Unp
6:19  Tampa Bay        - G Friday 2pt w (Mickishi)  Unp
6:19  Tampa Bay        - Mr Maurice 2pt w (Lindybops) Unp 
6:36  Gulf Stream Park - Gloriously 2pt w (Afitfullofdollars) 3rd
7:39  Gulfstream Park  - Freedom's Flight 2pt w (Norfolkenchants)4th 
7:39  Gulfstream Park  - Colliery 2pt w (Winter) Unp
7:55  Tampa Bay        - Mulled Wine 2pt w (OneEyeEnos) Unp
8:10  Gulfstream Park  - Candy Crushem 2pt w (Shukman) 3rd
9:12  Gulfstream Park  - *Livingyourbeastlife 2pt w (Longbow) 7th
10:00 Santa Anita      - Irish Ballad 2pt w (Bird) ABD
10:14 Gulfstream Park  - Off The Meds 2pt w (Jodonovan)Unp
10:14 Gulfstream Park  - Off The Meds 2pt w (Derek T) Unp
10:30 Santa Anita      - Encountress 2pt w (Eric Winner) ABD
10:30 Santa Anita      - Buyback 2pt w (Hoofhearted) ABD
11:00 Santa Anita      - Last First Kiss 2pt w (Baby Jane)ABD
11:30 Santa Anita      - I'm Leaving You 2pt w (David V)ABD
11:30 Santa Anita      - Our Boy Jet 2pt w (Mark J)  ABD
11:30 Santa Anita      - Eastern Ocean 1pt ew (HCE)ABD

* NR - Placed on lowest number favourite 


Congratulations to HCE *WINNING this month with 42pts, Afistfullofdollars second with 24.4pts and Mickishi with 23.4pts in third. 

Thanks to all who took part. 

*I must apologise for the problems in concluding this month which included the abandonment of Santa Anita so Bird, Eric Winner, Hoofhearted, Baby Jane, David V and Mark J didn't have the chance to win. 

Each of those players will be given free entry for the next tip comp when racing resumes. 

Thanks for your support and let's look forward to getting back to our horse racing soon. 


Saturday, 21 March 2020

March's Tip Comp - Week 3

Another week. I'm losing track of the days as Coronavirus blurs time. 

Thankfully, Irish racing continues so, hopefully, we can limp over the line for this month and find a winner. It's far from ideal, but Thurles is on and I appreciate the endeavours of all who are keeping racing alive. 

Last week saw three tipsters put points on the board. Lindybops put 11pts in her purse, while Mickishi added to his spoils with 10.4pts and the biggest scorer being Afistfullofdollars who has 16.4. 

So the top of the table details that Mickishi has 23.4pts, Afistfullofdollars 16.4pts, Lindybops 11pts, Norfolkenchants 8pts & Baby Jane 6.5pts. 

Please make sure your tips are in by the 1 pm deadline. 

Good luck to all. 

Please check to see your tip is correct. Contact me if it is wrong!

Tipster selections:  

1:40 Thurles - Ruinos 2pt w (Winter)6th 
2:10 Thurles - Ferocious 2pt w (Shukman) 8th
2:10 Thurles - Jetz 2pt w (Afistfullofdollars) 1st (8pts)
2:40 Thurles - Memory Of Youth 2pt w (David V)PU
2:40 Thurles - My Newbrook Rose 2pt w (HCE) 1st (42pts) 
2:40 Thurles - Ballea Fox 2pt w (Longbow)8th
2:40 Thurles - Hilltop Supreme 2pt w (Gazmachine) 6th
2:40 Thurles - Cousin Pascal 2pt w (Jodonovan)4th 
2:40 Thurles - Sporty Yankee 2pt w (Hoofhearted) PU 
3:10 Thurles - Dallas Des Picton 2pt w (Derek T)Unp 
3:10 Thurles - Capuccimix 2pt w (OneEyeEnos) Unp 
3:40 Thurles - Hash Brown 2pt w (Mark J)Unp
3:40 Thurles - Une Lavandere 2pt w (Yvonnew) 7th
3:40 Thurles - Pound A Stroke 2pt w (Eric Winner) 9th
3:40 Thurles - Wishmoor 2pt w (Mickwalkersnr) PU
3:40 Thurles - Wishmoor 2pt w (Norfolkencahnts) PU
3:40 Thurles - Wishmoor 2pt w (Betmanmike)PU
3:40 Thurles - Goodnightgodbless 2pt w (Mickishi) 5th 
3:40 Thurles - Persian Wind 2pt w (Lindybops) PU 
4:40 Thurles - Cool Petra 2pt w (Bird) Unp

1 more to come...

Friday, 13 March 2020

March's Tip Comp - Week 2

Well, the first week of the tipping comp has come and gone. It was a lively start to proceedings with three point scorers. Mickishi put 13pts in his pocket and sits at the top of the tree. 

Norfolkenchants has 8pts points, while Baby Jane has 6.5pts in her purse.

All in all a good start. 

Four players had second places and a few at big odds.  

We have a 12 o'clock deadline, simply because a few meetings have heavy going and it gives time to update if something strange happens. 

Good luck to all.

Please check your tip is correct and tell me if it is wrong!

Tipster selections: 

2:35 Newcastle     - Younoso 1pt ew (Baby Jane)7th
2:40 Kempton       - Garo De Juilley 1pt ew (Hoofhearted)Unp
2:40 Kempton       - Coeur De Lion 1pt ew (Shukman)8th   
3:00 Uttoxeter     - * Nordano 2pt w (Mickwalkersnr)PU
3:00 Uttoxeter     - Remastered 2pt w (Winter) 3rd 
3:00 Uttoxeter     - Clyne 1pt ew (Bird) 8th
3:10 Newcastle     - Keyboard Gangster 2pt w (Derek T)Fell 
3:15 Kempton       - Solomon Grey 2pt w (Jodonovan) 8th
3:35 Uttoxeter     - Joe Farrell 2pt w (Mark J) 3rd
3:35 Uttoxeter     - Sheneededtherun 2pt w (Betmanmike) 4th
3:45 Newcastle     - Rath An Luir 2pt w (David v)2nd
3:45 Newcastle     - Sirwilliamwallace 2pt w (Longbow) 6th
3:45 Newcastle     - Polish 2pt w (Gazmachine)  5th 
5:25 Wolverhampton - Klipperty Klopp 2pt w (Norfolkenchants) 4th
6:30 Wolverhampton - Alsvinder 1pt ew (Yvonnew) 6th
6:30 Wolverhampton - Alsvinder 2pt w (OneEyeEnos)  6th
6:30 Wolverhampton - Alsvinder 2pt w (Eric Winner) 6th
6:30 Wolverhampton - Alsvinder 2pt w (HCE) 6th
6:30 Wolverhampton - *Storm Over 2pt w (Lindybops) 1st (11pts) 
7:00 Wolverhampton - Universal Gleam 1pt ew (Mickishi) 1st (10.4pts)
8:30 Wolverhampton - Aweemaweh 1pt ew (Afistfulofdollars) 1st (16.4pts) 

*NR - Placed on lowest number favourite 

Good luck to all 

Saturday, 7 March 2020

March's Tip Competition - Week 1

Well, it was a right old battle to the line for February's tip competition. To be honest it was a slight pain in the arse for me trying to work out tips with abandonments and trying to get another tip sent so we didn't have the crazy void race scenario which isn't ideal and something I don't want to happen unless there is no alternative. 

Anyway, Lindybops won the month snatching victory from Jodonovan while Gazmachine didn't have too much luck with a 30p deduction on his winner that returned 6/5f. 

It was a decent competition and it was a pretty open affair. 

Please get your payments in for this month's entry. Always appreciated. 

Once again, we will have a 12 o'clock deadline simply because most of the turf courses are soft/heavy and could well have inspections if not abandoned. Please be ready to make an alternative tip if needed. I will contact players if another tip is needed because it will just get too complicated if people send a couple. I have problems trying to keep on top of the tips and not make mistakes as it is. Please check to make sure the meeting hasn't been abandoned before sending your tip.  

Anyway, I'm sure we will work through all these crazy circumstances of late. 

Thanks for your support. 

Please check to see your tip is correct. Contact me if it is wrong! 


Tipster selections:

1:35 Wolverhampton - Kasbaan 2pt w (Hoofhearted) 8th 
1:55 Ayr           - Ardera Cross 2pt w (Betmanmike) 3rd
2:10 Wolverhampton - Desert Doctor 2pt w (Eric Winner)3rd
2:10 Wolverhampton - Treacherous 2pt w (Lindybops)5th
2:45 Wolverhampton - Documenting 2pt w (Mark J) 2nd
2:45 Wolverhampton - Guilliver 2pt w (Winter)6th 
2:45 Wolverhampton - Guilliver 2pt w (Mickwalkersnr)6th
2:45 Wolverhampton - Glen Shiel 2pt w (OneEyeEnos) 7th
2:45 Wolverhampton - Habub 2pt w (Derek T)5th
2:55 Hereford      - Jully Les Buxy 2pt w (Shukman)5th
3:05 Ayr           - The Con Man 2pt w (Baby Jane) 1st (6.5pts)
3:20 Wolverhampton - Lexington Storm 2pt w (Longbow)6th
3:20 Wolverhampton - Rock Of Diamonds 2pt w (HCE) 3rd
3:20 Wolverhampton - Business 2pt w (Gazmachine) 2nd  
3:20 Wolverhampton - Business 2pt w (David V) 2nd 
4:00 Gowan Park    - Diamond Turf 2pt w (Jodonovan)2nd
4:40 Hereford      - Farrants Way 2pt w (Mickishi) 1st (13pts)
5:05 Wolverhampton - Sea Fox 1pt ew (Bird) 6th
5:15 Hereford      - Eaglehill 2pt w (Norfolkenchants)1st (8pts)
6:30 Chelmsford    - Allez Louise 1pt ew (Afistfullofdollars)9th
8:00 Chelmsford    - Dangerous Ends 2pt w (Yvonnew) 8th 

Good luck to all 

Saturday, 29 February 2020

February's Tip Comp - Week 5

The final week of February's tip comp. Last week saw four players put points on the board. Baby Jane put 18pts in her purse, Norfolkenchants 9pts in his pocket, Afistfullofdollars 4.2pts & Gazmachine 3.12pts after his original selection was a non-runner so placed on the lowest number favourite. 

Still, lots of chances for all players to make it a winning month as Gazmachine leads with 20.93pts, Yvonnew 19.8pts, Baby Jane 18pts, Lindybops 16.4pts, Norfolkenchants 15pts, Jodonovan & Shukman 11pts & Afistfullofdollars 4.2pts. The rest of the field is yet to score. Basically, a decent winner would be enough for anyone to win. 

As it's the final week selections will not be updated until all tips are in. We have a 12 o'clock deadline so I have plenty of time to contact players in case of a meeting being abandoned. 

Please get your tips in nice and early.

Good luck to all.

* Note: Navan & Newbury are abandoned so do not tip a horse from this meeting   

Check to make sure your tip is correct - if it is wrong please contact me!!!!

Tipster selections: 

1:25  Lingfield - Cuban Spirit 2pt w (Eric Winner) 4th
1:25  Lingfield - Autumn Splendour 2pt w (Bird) 5th 
1:50  Doncaster - Shades Of Midnight 2pt w (David V)Unp 
1:50  Doncaster - Liosduin Bhearna 2pt w (Jodonovan)1st (14pts)
2:12  Kelso     - Moabit 2pt w (Norfolkenchants)4th
3:00  Doncaster - Ziggy Rose 2pt w (Mark J)2nd
3:10  Lingfield - Oh Purple Reign 2pt w (Longbow)8th
3:10  Lingfield - Melodic Charm 2pt w (Derek T)7th
3:10  Lingfield - Amarillo 2pt w (Winter)6th
3:10  Lingfield - Kondratiev Wave 2pt w (OneEyeEnos)5th
3:35  Doncaster - Ascot De Bruyere 2pt w (Mickwalkersnr)BD
3:35  Doncaster - Yalltari 2pt w (Shukman)3rd
3:45  Lingfield - Clog Maker 2pt w (Gazmachine)1st (3.68pts)
4:20  Lingfield - Sea Sculpture 2pt w (HCE)6th
4:20  Lingfield - Outlane 2pt w (Glueythepig) Unp 
6:00  Southwell - Paseo 2pt w (Afistfullofdollars)6th
6:30  Southwell - Harbour Front 2pt w (Baby Jane)2nd
7:30  Southwell - Irish Minister 2pt w (Hoofhearted)Unp 
8:00  Southwell - The Eagles Nest 2ptw (Yvonnew)2nd 
8:00  Southwell - Palazzo 2pt w (Lindybops)1st (12pts)
8:00  Southwell - Lady Carduros 2pt w (Mickishi) 6th

Good luck to all 

Congratulations to Lindybops winning with 28.4pts


Thanks to all who took part. 

Saturday, 22 February 2020

February's Tip Comp - Week 4

The fourth week of this month for our little tip comp. Just three players put points on the board. However, they were significant in ways. Lindybops started proceedings with a very nice winner and put 16.4pts in her purse. Shukman found a superb place effort and put 11pts in his satchel. While Yvonnew played a canny game with a placed effort that afforded 1.8pts to bolster her position at the top of the table. So the ladies ruled the roost in many ways and there could be more to come. The leaderboard is still pretty competitive with Yvonnew with 19.8pts, Gazmachine 17.81pts, Lindybops 16.4, while Jodonovan and Shukman are next best with 11pts. The only other point scorer is Norfolkenchants who bleeps out 6pts. 

We have an unusual happening this week as both Baby Jane & David V have 4pts to play with as Wincanton was abandoned last week and the rules state their points roll over to this week. So don't think there has been a mistake! 

It adds a touch of interest because I don't think it has happened before if not for a long time. 

Still, plenty to play for with this Saturday and next to next to find a winner.   

We have a 12:30 deadline as Kempton has an early start (12:40). As always, please get your tips in punctually as it saves me sending out umpteen reminders. To be fair all have been good. 


Good luck to all.

Please check to make sure your tip is correct - contact me if wrong!

Tipster selections:

12:40 Kempton    - Midnightreferendum 2pt w (Hoofhearted) 5th
12:40 Kempton    - Earth Moor 1pt ew (Lindybops)   Unp
12:40 Kempton    - Downtown Getaway 2pt w (Norfolkenchants) 1st (9pts)
12:40 Kempton    - Downtown Getaway 4pt w (Baby Jane) 1st (18pts)
1:15  Kempton    - Comanche Red 4pt w (David V) 3rd
1:30  Lingfield  - Scoflaw 2pt w (Bird) 7th
1:30  Lingfield  - Scoflaw 2pt w (OneEyeEnos) 7th
1:45  Fairyhouse - Big Debate 1pt ew (Mickishi) Unp
2:05  Lingfield  - Corinthia Knight 2pt w (Eric Winner)6th
3:02  Kempton    - Kid Commando 2pt w (Derek T) 3rd   
3:35  Kempton    - Crievehill 2pt w (Mark J) 9th
3:35  Kempton    - Adrien Du Pont 2pt w (Jodonovan)6th
3:35  Kempton    - Highway One O One 2pt w (Mickwalkersnr)Unp
3:35  Kempton    - Dashing Perk 2pt w (Winter) Unp 
4:10  Kempton    - *Ibleo 2pt w (Shukman) Unp 
4:55  Lingfield  - *Behind The Wall 2pt w (Gazmachine) 1st (3.12pts) 
5:30  Chelmsford - Ten Chants 2pt w (Longbow) 6th
5:30  Chelmsford - Red Jasper 1pt ew (Yvonnew)4th 
6:00  Chelmsford - Lily Like 1pt ew (Afistfullofdollars)2nd (4.2pts)  
6:00  Chelmsford - Lady De Vega 2pt w (HCE) 6th
6:00  Chelmsford - Dame Joan 2pt w (Glueythepig)4th   

Good luck to all 

*NR - Placed on lowest number favourite 

Saturday, 15 February 2020

February's Tip Comp - Week 3

The third week of the month. There wasn't too much to crow about with just two points scorers with Gazmachine tipping an odds on shot to put 3.81pts in his pocket. Yvonnew found a lovely winner and made a quick 18pts, to take the lead by a gnat's whisker. So the leaderboard looks like this. Top of the tree is Yvonnew 18pts, Gazmachine 17.81pts, Jodonovan 11pts, Norfolkenchants 6pts. No other players have points as yet. There is still plenty to play for in this long month. Please get your tips in nice and early with a 1pm deadline. Good luck to all. 

Please check that your tip is correct - contact me if it is wrong

Tipster selections: 

1:25 Lingfield   - Huddle 1pt ew (Mickishi)4th
1:25 Lingfield   - The Warrior 1pt ew (Lindybops) 1st (16.4pts)
2:15 Wincanton   - #Cloudy Glen 2pt w (David V) Abandoned #
2:15 Wincanton   - #Cloudy Glen 2pt w (Baby Jane) Abandoned #
2:19 Gowran Park - Mc Alpine 2pt w (Norfolkenchants) Unp
2:40 Haydock     - Colonel Manderson 2pt w (Fistfullofdollars)5th
2:40 Haydock     - Gerolamo Cardano 2pt w (Derek T) 6th
3:15 Haydock     - Geronimo 2pt w (Mark J)  PU
3:15 Haydock     - Elegant Escape 2pt w (Jodonovan) Unp
3:15 Haydock     - Two Amigos 2pt w (Hoofhearted) 4th
3:15 Haydock     - Vintage Clouds 2pt w (Winter) 5th
3:15 Haydock     - Pobbles Bay 1pt ew (Bird) 6th 
3:50 Haydock     - Kilbricken Storm 2pt w (Mickwalkersnr) 3rd
4:10 Ascot       - Jully Les Buxy 1pt ew (Shukman) 3rd (11pts) 
4:20 Lingfield   - Prince Percy 2pt w (Gazmachine) 5th
4:20 Lingfield   - Saracen Star 2pt w (HCE) 6th
4:20 Lingfield   - Sophar Sogood 2pt w (Glueythepig)2nd
4:20 Lingfield   - Sea Bright 2pt w (Longbow) 4th  
7:30 Newcastle   - Alamora 1pt ew (Yvonnew)  3rd (1.8pts) 
8:00 Newcastle   - Lucky Lodge 2pt w (OneEyeEnos) 4th
8:00 Newcastle   - Lucky Lodge 2pt w (Eric Winner) 4th

Good luck to all 

#Meeting abandoned - players 2pts will be carried over to next week (first time this has happened)  

Friday, 7 February 2020

February's Tip Comp - Week 2

Quite a lively start to the month with three players putting points on the board. Norfolkenchants started the winning spree putting 6pts in his pocket. Jodonovan was next to show his form with 11pts in the bank. The only other player to taste victory was Gazmachine who put 14pts in his shoe. Still, plenty to play for and being a long month I'm expecting a few fireworks along the way. We have a 12:30 O'Clock deadline, so please get your tips in nice and early. I would like to thank all players for making their entry fees in the first week of the month (which is something of a record). Much appreciated. Good luck to all.

Please check your tip is correct and contact me if wrong!!!!

Tipster selections:

12:55 Warwick       - One Touch 2pt w (Fistfullofdollars)PU
1:30  Warwick       - Karakoram 2pt w (Shukman) 3rd
1:58  Uttoxeter     - Tippingituptonancy 1pt ew (Lindybops)7th
2:05  Warwick       - Torpillo 2pt w (Mickishi)5th
2:32  Uttoxeter     - Big Meadow 2pt w (Norfolkenchanrs)2nd
2:32  Uttoxeter     - Big Meadow 2pt w (Hoofhearted)2nd
2:40  Warwick       - Guardia Top 2pt w (Winter)7th
2:55  Lingfield     - Aguerooo 2pt w (Eric Winner) 4th
3:15  Warwick       - Two Taffs 2pt w (Jodonovan)2nd
3:35  Newbury       - Nelson River 1pt ew (David V) 9th
3:35  Newbury       - Thebannerkingrebel 2pt w (Mickwalkersnr)Unp
3:35  Newbury       - Ecco 2pt w (Mark J)Unp
3:35  Newbury       - Never Adapt 2pt w (OneEyeEnos)PU
3:50  Warwick       - Uno Mas 2pt w (Derek T)7th
3:57  Naas          - Aione 2pt w (Gazmachine) 1st (3.81pts)
3:57  Naas          - Russian Diamond 2pt w (HCE)2nd
3:57  Naas          - Arcadian Sunrise 2pt w (Glueythepig) 3rd
4:05  Lingfield     - Cuckoo Clock 2pt w (Longbow) 2nd
7:30  Wolverhampton - Watchable 2pt w (Yvonnew)1st (18pts)  
8:00  Wolverhampton - Mr Top Hat 1pt ew (Bird) 8th
8:00  Wolverhampton - Singing Sherrif 2pt w (Baby Jane) 2nd


Please be aware I am going out this afternoon so the majority of results will be updated later this evening or tomorrow morning.

Good luck to all


Saturday, 1 February 2020

February's Tip Comp - Week 1

Glueythepig won January's tip comp with 33.316pts. It was a competitive heat and intriguing competition in many ways.

Gluey' managed to get four out of four winners which is pretty good even though a couple were short-priced and clearly tactical moves. To win the competition, you often need to think of every angle to try and cover all fronts and even then you can come unstuck. 

Sometimes you just need a bit of luck. 

Betmanmike is on holiday this month so he will be missing from the ranks until March. Fingers crossed we can get near the £200 win prize. Time will tell. I know a lot of players look forward to battling it out. 

Welcome our latest players Hoofhearted & Norfolkenchants. Thanks for joining our little tipster competition and good luck.  

Please make your entry payments as early as you can. I'm not too bothered as long as they are paid before the end of the month but it just helps. New players are welcome. The entry is £10 and the winner takes all. Contact if you want more info. It's funny how new players always go well. Take a look at our promotional video which shows the simple rules.  

We have a 12 O'Clock deadline. Get your tips in nice and early if you can.

I'm looking forward to this month as the competition has definitely got a bit more competitive since the prize money increased. 

Thanks to all who take part and good luck. 

All players check your tip is correct!!! (contact me if it is wrong)

£210 - Prize 

Tipster selections:

12:35 Lingfield   - Ayr Harbour 2pt w (Norfolkenchants)1st (6pts)
1:10  Lingfield   - Swiss Pride 2pt w (Eric Winner)6th
1:10  Lingfield   - Mr Top Hat 1pt ew (Bird) 8th
2:05  Musselburgh - Sir Chauvilin 2pt w (Mickwalkersnr)4th
2:20  Lingfield   - Beggarman 2pt w (Longboy)5th
2:20  Lingfield   - Utopian Lad 2pt w (HCE)3rd 
2:40  Musselburgh - Ardera Cross 1pt ew (Yvonnew) PU
2:45  Wetherby    - Newtide 2pt w (Jodonovan) 1st (11pts) 
3:00  Sandown     - Coole Cody 2pt w (Mark J) PU
3:00  Sandown     - Bold Plan 2pt w (Mickishi) PU
3:00  Sandown     - Go Whatever 2pt w (Lindybops)3rd
3:35  Sandown     - *Mister Malarky 2pt w (Baby Jane)5th
4:05  Lingfield   - Attain 2pt w (Derek T) Unp      
4:05  Lingfield   - Herm 2pt w (OneEyeEnos) 3rd
4:10  Sandown     - Ambion Hill 2pt w (David V) 7th
4:10  Sandown     - Barntown 2pt w (Hoofhearted) 8th
4:45  Kempton     - Satchville Flyer 2pt w (Winter)Unp 
5:15  Kempton     - No Nay Bella 2pt w (Gazmachine) 1st (14pts)
5:15  Kempton     - Key Look 2pt w (Afistfullofdollars)3rd
5:45  Kempton     - Dogged 2pt w (Glueythepig)3rd
6:45  Kempton     - Coer De Lion 2pt w (Shukman)5th

Good luck to all

*NR  - placed on lowest number fav