Friday 30 December 2016

December Tip Comp - Week 5

The final week of this month's competition. Who will win not only this year but be Champion Tipster of the Year? I haven't looked at the proceeding so it will be interesting. Well, not much went on last week with the only points scorer being Mixerman with 6.5pts. Jodonovan still sits at the top of the table with 18.4pts from HCE, Longbow (12pts), Rawnsley (7.25pts) & Mixerman (6.5pts). Still, lots to play for so if you can find a winner it could be your chance to pick up a tidy sum. 11:30 Deadline. Best wishes to all. Happy New Year.    

Tipster selections: 

12:40 Newbury    - Connectable 2pt w (Winter)8th
12:55 Lingfield  - Zilza 2pt w (HCE) 9th
12:55 Lingfield  - Suffragette City 2pt w (Longbow)4th
1:15  Newbury    - Bob Tucker 2pt w (Rawnsley)  5th
1:30  Lingfield  - Chica De La Noche 2pt w (Mixerman) 5th
1:35  Warwick    - Paddy The Oscar 2ppt w (Shukman) 2nd 
2:05  Lingfield  - Lunar Deity 2pt w (Betmanmike) Unp 
3:00  Newbury    - Royal Guardsman 2pt w (Mark J) 9th
3:00  Newbury    - Geordie Des Champ 2pt w (Jodonovan)2nd
3:15  Lingfield  - Triple Dream 2pt w (Eric Winner) 3rd 
3:15  Lingfield  - Triple Dream 2pt w (Bird) 3rd

Good luck to all

Congratulations to Jodonovan winning this month's competition with 18.4pts