Friday 12 February 2021

When Will It Start?

When will Coronavirus end? 

When will the horse racing begin?

In many ways, these are impossible questions to answer. The government is doing its best to keep us safe and sound. The exit route beyond self-isolation is still up in the air. What can they say? 

Just like reading the form for a horse, you can only make an assessment based on data. Without data, we are literally left in the dark. So why on earth people keep asking when, when, when, is almost a pointless exercise. 

I'm waiting for the two-year-old horse racing to start. The BHA has stated that we will have to wait and see. The welfare of the population should be enough for all to heed the lessons of safety first. 

It could well be June before the horse racing starts. It may be a lot longer because we don't know.

Who knows. 

A few horse trainers have been quite vocal in asking for a date to be given so they can get ready for the off. it is understandable. But is it logical? 

John Berry is always a voice of reason, and he makes a great argument about why people need to just wait and see.

From a two-year-old horse racing point of view, it will seem strange for the juveniles to be starting halfway through the season. Will the meeting be confined to a handful of racecourses. How many race meetings will there be a week and will the season be kept going longer to make up for lost time?

Time will tell. 

I guess it is all about looking at the bigger picture and seeing the wood for the trees. 

Until the time comes we just have to wait, keep safe, and see. 

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