Friday 24 January 2020

January's Tip Comp - Week 4

The final week of this month's tips comp. It's a competitive affair with a big prize on offer. 

Last week saw five players put points on the board. Derek T & Jodonovan put 16pts in their pocket when Vintage Clouds ran out an easy winner. Winter put 10pts in his satchel. Afistfullofdollar put 4.5pts in the bank while Glueythepig played a very tactical game and secured 2.25pts. 

So the top of the table is pretty tight. Derek T shot to the lead with 26pts, Glueythepig is next with 21.316pts, Lindybops 20pts, Betmanmike 19pts, Jodonovan 16pts, Winter 10pts, Longbow 7.25pts, Mickwalkersnr 6.5pts, Babyjane 4.5pts, Afistfullofdollars 4.5pts & Gazmachine 4.2pts.  

One decent winner could be enough to take the prize so get your tipping hats on and show the field your worth. We have an 11:30 am deadline so please get your tips in nice and early. The tips won't be uploaded until they are all forwarded so we are being even stricter in the last week of the competition. So get them tips in before 11:30 am. 

Good luck to all.

Tipster selections:  

12:20 Doncaster  - Bulls Head 2pt w (David V) Unp
12:35 Lingfield  - Saracen Star 2pt w (HCE) 4th 
1:15  Cheltenham - Court Master 2pt w (Betmanmike) 8th  
1:45  Lingfield  - Wise Eagle 2pt w (Longbow) Unp
1:45  Lingfield  - Made In Italy 2pt w (Glueythepig)1st (12pts)
1:50  Cheltenham - Militarian 2pt w (Winter) 5th  
2:05  Doncaster  - Champagne Well 2pt w (Derek T) 2nd
2:25  Cheltenham - Mister Whitaker 2pt w (OneEyeEnos)Unp
2:40  Doncaster  - Time To Chill 2pt w (Afistfullofdollars)4th
3:00  Cheltenham - Ruthless Article 1pt ew (Baby June) Unp
3:15  Doncaster  - Calipto 2pt w (Mark J)Unp
3:15  Doncaster  - Fingerontheswitch 2pt w (Lindybops) 2nd
3:15  Doncaster  - Chidswell 2pt w (Mickishi)3rd
3:15  Doncaster  - Cobra De Mai 2pt w (Gazmachine) 6th 
3:15  Doncaster  - Solomon Grey 2pt w (Mickwalkersnr) Unp
3:15  Doncaster  - Monbeg River 2pt w (Yvonnew)9th 
3:15  Doncaster  - Quarenta 2pt w (Jodonovan) 7th
3:35  Cheltenham - Tobefair 2pt w (Bird)4th 
7:00  Kempton    - Cockney Hill 2pt w (Eric Winner)9th
7:00  Kempton    - Waqaas 1pt ew (Shukman) Unp

Please make sure you check your tip is correct and get back to me if it isn't 

Good luck to all

Congratulations to Glueythepig winning this month's competition with 33.316pts 


2nd *DEREK T 26PTS

Thanks to all who took part

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