Sunday 26 January 2020

Glueythepig Wins January's Tip Comp

Well, what can we say January's tip comp has come and gone and Glueythepig fought back to win the month with 33.316pts. 

In truth, it was a competitive month and even till the last tip selections of the day, it was still an open contest. There will always be suggestions which format for the tip competition is best (we all have our ideas) but I think for the thrill of the chase this little contest always has a touch of intrigue and drama. It's never over until the fat lady sings. 

So what do we make of this month? It was a relatively short month with just four Saturdays which changes the complexion and significance of winners and losers. 

What did Glueythepig do right? Well, the first thing to note is that Gluey' actually got four out of four winners for the month, which takes some doing. 

They included 7/1 winner on the first week, which put him in a very good position. 

The second week saw him back an odds-on shot to collect just 3.006pts, so basically making the most of the stake. (Quite a clever move). 

Week three saw even more tactical play when backing an odds-on shot (wait for it) each way! Quite astounding in ways. The horse won to collect just 2.25pts. This was clearly an attempt to regain the lead into the last week of the month and depose Lindybops who had 20pts. However, this wasn't to be the case because Derek T found a lovely 16pts winner and 26pts on the leaderboard. 

As we all know, a lead into the last week is a big lead. I'm not sure how many leaders in the last week hold on to their spoils but it must be pretty high. 

To be fair, Derek T had a decent advantage. The quandary with leading (for all the good) is whether to consolidate a lead with a short price and fear a winner and not have a chance to regain the lead if the odds are short. Or go for a bigger price but feel you are taking a chance. It is a difficult decision. Added to that, all players who have little to no points are chancing their luck with a speculative bet. It is their only chance and that is what makes the competition fun (or annoying, if you get caught by a freaky winner). A winner is a winner - however they are selected. I know I have been leading and caught by a 20/1 shot on the last tip of the day. 

As it happened, Glueythepig got a 5/1 winner (12pts) and that shot him to the lead. In the process, Derek T's selection was too short a price to give him a chance of winning. That is a very annoying aspect of trying to make the best call. It has happened to a number of players and a thorn in the side. 

So Gluethepig had to wait to see if 15 players could find a winner and take the cash. 

The closest to doing that was the previous leader Lindybops who was one of seven players to make the 3:15 Doncaster their tip selection. This was a real threat to Glueythepig as all would have bounced to the lead if their selection had won. And Lindybops went very close to doing just that when Fingerontheswitch led over the final fence and touched odds-on in the in-running market (1.46) losing by just half a length at the line. 

So Glueythepig held on for the win and put £200 in his pocket with 33.316pts. Eric Winner won December with 19.66pts. (The lowest score of the year).

February should be an exciting contest with five Saturday's which should mean a high points winner (time will tell). 

Thanks to all who take part and good luck for the new month. If you have friends or family who may like to play for a big prize then they are welcome to join. 

Contact jason_coote2000@yahoo.co.uk to learn more or watch our promotional video to learn the simple rules (£10 entry winner takes all) 

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