Friday 18 January 2019

TVG: A 100% Welcome Offer for New Players

Ranked as the third best horse racing betting sites in America and in the world, TVG has never failed its clients with their services provided since 1993 next to XpressBets and BetAmerica. 

Just one of their offers to new players is an oozing welcome bonus, television and online streaming, mobile betting app, trusted bank options and access to 150 race tracks in the world and that is just the broad scope of it. 

Registrants of this betting site get full access of TVG Promos that a bettor would certainly love having. Promos for important races just like the Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes, Preakness Stakes, The Pegasus World Cup and many more. 

Their live streaming has given convenience to their members since then courtesy of the NBC Sports Live Extra and NBC Sports Live Extra mobile application. This means all the members of TVG can access their accounts anywhere and in any ways they can with their electronic gadgets all over the world making them a crowd-favorite in the horse racing world. 

Since horse racing has become bigger and bigger in the coming years, gambling on horses is allowed where most tracks offer parimutuel betting in which the money is pooled and shared proportionally among winners just like in the Kentucky Derby---the biggest horse race in the world and many others on the line. 

As for The Kentucky Derby, or what other calls as ‘The Run for the Roses” or “The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports” which ranked as one of the most important thoroughbred races in the world have been the longest running since 1875 and the first to form the Triple Crown Series. This race even continuing through two World Wars and the Great Depression which makes it a valuable jewel in the racing world. Such race has also been covered in the services of TVG. 

This top rated betting site not only offers attracting bonuses just like the doubling of their initial deposit, but there are also ongoing promo deals that can be claimed by handicaps for free bets and free money. 

One can access information of a certain race like the contenders’ ranking, analysis, odds and many more through TVG network. Kentucky Derby as an example, where this online expert provides step-by-step instructions on how to bet on the race with three different ways in a way a bettor wants to bag their money in. 

For new players, if you ought to know about the win, place, and show bets, then this would be the best outlet for you. You may also spice things up with an EXACTA or try a pro betting called TRIFECTA while checking the odd days early before the race in their website. These are just a few examples of how TVG can help you through step into the winning basket with the other millionaires. 

Another example would be the odds for the Pegasus Cup which will be determined on the night through a method known as Pari Mutual betting which actually means “amongst ourselves”. This is the best way to describe Advanced Deposit Wagering (ADW), a betting type of TVG. Common pools for each type of wager in a race are created by the amount bet on each horse or bet type. 

What’s more to this is that you will get exclusive access to amazingly in-depth information such as expert analysis, TVG’s pick and tips, details of past performances and even race replace in their Handicapping Store. Addition to everything that has given to you and available at the store are insightful blog posts and of course information on betting on The Kentucky Derby and other races. They also offer wager rewards to their members. 

In this kind of sport, it is very important to know first its differences in various sports. Horse racing in America is different from how it is in Asia and event in the United Kingdom which is why reading more knowledgeable tips about it are essential for bettors like you. 

If you are a new player and wish to be successful in your first placed bet, this online expert will guide you with a bounty of information and details from the history of the race, to the leading contenders and the odds of the possible winner. This is the membership which you can definitely say that the money you spent was worth it. 

Always remember that it’s always more important to have ample knowledge of the sport first before placing money for bets in the tracks for wise gambling. No one wants to waste some cash, right? Register at TVG as one of the new players and gamble legally today.