Friday 22 January 2016

January's Competition - Week 4

It continues to be the Eric Winner show. Not so much on Bloody Good Winner but on Ericwinner.co.uk with a supreme 20/1 winner on  Friday. He still leads the comp with 57.5pts. HCE got lucky (I admit it) with a 20/1 victor of his own last Saturday so holds second with 42pts, while Shukman is third with 10.4pts, Rawnsley fourth with 5.75pts. Still this and next week to put a few points on the board so I'm pretty sure the pro players will be sharpening their arrows to target a plump, juicy price (perhaps it will win). 12 O'Clock deadline. Good luck to all. 

Tipster selections:

1:50 Ascot     - Cannon Fodder 1pt ew (Mark J)3rd (9pts)
2:10 Taunton   - Chief Brody 2pt w (Shukman) 4th
2:25 Ascot     - Ebony Express 2pt w(Davidson) Unp
2:40 Haydock   - Fou Et Sage 2pt w (Jodonovan)Unp
3:15 Haydock   - Presenting Junior 2pt w(Gareth)Unp
3:15 Haydock   - Presenting Junior 2pt w(Longbow)Unp
3:15 Haydock   - Algernon Pazham 2pt w(HCE)Unp
3:35 Ascot     - Bernidelli 2pt w (Rawnsley)Unp
3:55 Taunton   - Tornado In Milan 2pt w (Bird)1st (24pts)
4:05 Lingfield - Major Muscari 2pt w (Eric Winner)4th
4:05 Lingfield - Picansort 2pt w (Winter) Unp