Friday 29 January 2016

January Competition - Week 5

I've been to a funeral today...had far too much to drink and trying to write this post. I hope it is sensible. Eric Winner still holds the lead on 57.5 pts, HCE second on 42pts, while Bird found a nice winner to sit on 24pts. Can anyone knock Eric off his perch? Only time will tell. I will keep this short and sweet as I am struggling to think straight. 12 O'Clock deadline. Good luck to all. 

Tipster selections:

12:30 Doncaster  - Mccabe Creek 2pt w (HCE) 1st (20pts)
12:30 Doncaster  - Swivel 2pt w(Rawnsley)Unp
12:30 Doncaster  - Scoppio Del Carro 2pt w (Winter)Unp
1:40  Lingfield  - Seamster 2pt w (Eric Winner) 1st (18pts)
2:40  Doncaster  - Ephraim 2pt w (Shukman)Unp       
3:15  Doncaster  - Distime 2pt w (Gareth)Unp
3:15  Doncaster  - Court By Surprise 2pt w (Davidson)Unp
3:15  Doncaster  - Aachen 2pt w (Bird)  Unp
3:35  Cheltenham - Knockara Beau 2pt w (Mark J)4th
3:35  Cheltenham - The Romford Pele 2pt w (Jodonovan)3rd
4:00  Lingfield  - Dor's Law 2pt w (Longbow)4th

Congratulations to Eric Winner winning this month's competition from HCE.