Wednesday 23 February 2022

The Brocklesby Conditions Stakes Forgotten Winners (Brondesbury, trained by Bill O'Gorman)

I started to follow horse racing when I was about 16 years old. My Dad like to bet (small money) and I took an interest from there. In fact, my twin brother and I took a real interest in two-year-old horse racing. Some thirty plus years on we are still enjoying this niche and some of the most informed in this area of expertise. 

For those who love their two-year-old racing, the Brocklesby Stakes, over 5f at Doncaster, is an important race because it heralds the start of the Flat turf season (usually March/april). It's a race that has seen a number of very talented winner, some going on the Group 1 success and even stallions for breeding if you need. I do love my horse racing and the Brocklesby but I have mentioned many time and here is more information about some casino action. It really is the case of being the King of the casinos. This website has a brilliant look and has plenty of free bonuses and spins. So if you have some time to play then have a look at this exciting platform. Definitely something for everyone from retro games to cutting edge.   

So our interest in the Brocklesby Stakes started around 1986. While Wikipedia, a great source of information, has data going back for the Brocklesby Stakes to 1988. Considering the race has a very long history, it is surprising that this information about winners before 1988 is hard to find. You wouldn't think it would be but it just isn't online. 

So the other day after Tweeting a post about 7 Brocklesby Conditions Stakes Winners You Will Never Forget, one or two Twitter followers noted their favourite winners. This included a horse that won the 1982 Brocklesby Stakes called Brondesbury, trained by Bill O'Gorman. 

I'd never heard of the horse simply because it was about four years before my time. He won the Brocklesby Stakes by six lengths, impressively before going on to win other races including Ascot.

What struck me is all those horses which are so amazing but in ways forgotten. It's sad that a lot of information which predates the heights of the internet is so difficult to find. Personally, after a day at the races I like to play online casinosFor that reason, it is so important those who remember this information, have old photos, race cards or videos to upload them so they are there for prosperity and those who are new to racing or even those who are interested in learning more. Some truly amazing moments to bring back those good days of betting. 

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