Saturday 16 October 2021

Still in the Tradition of Tipping

Well, another week has passed.

I thought I would write a post to fill a hole in the wall. To be honest, I'm missing the Tip Comp.

More so, the fact that the Flat turf season should be part of the summing up. The Brocklesby Stakes would have been of interest. I think that is usually on a Saturday. Not that is matters. 

We are all waiting and wondering when the racing will start behind closed doors. It's like visiting casino online usa for more gripping action. I'm more interested in the welfare of the racing industry keeping going and for owners and trainers not to get itchy or desperate feet and struggle under the financial burden that all too many people are suffering at this time. I know most horse owners have little hope of winning prize money at the best of times. However, the hope of such a day is enough to keep the wheels of racing turning. The level of prize money in the UK has been dire for decades. I think it is actually less than it was a decade ago.

But, as we know, it is better than not.

I fear owners will be moaning at their trainers and asking for a cut-price deal over the period, trainers will feel like they are in an impossible position because they are stuck in an awful situation. I wonder if any owners have just walked away and declared there is no way they are paying for a racehorse when it isn't racing. I guess it is all about money. It's like real money pokies online australia where you can make your betting pay. I know the majority of owners would rather sell their grandmother than let their horse go and I applaud all who are doing there very best for racing. At the end of the day, it will be the horses who pay the price if it all goes wrong and that really doesn't bear thinking about. 

Anyway, horse racing is still continuing at a few locations on planet Earth. I see Gulfstream Park is still plugging along. That's not too far away from West Palm Beach where I have been much of the last two years. It is, in fact, near Fort Lauderdale. A stone's throw from the coast. 

I see on Saturday, there are a couple of meetings in Australia, Randwick, and Caulfield. 

There may be a few more pop up on the day as the Racing Post seems pretty poor at working out a lot of these meetings.

Roll on racing coming back to the UK. 

It is something the racing industry needs more than race fans.

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