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Saturday, 29 February 2020

February's Tip Comp - Week 5

The final week of February's tip comp. Last week saw four players put points on the board. Baby Jane put 18pts in her purse, Norfolkenchants 9pts in his pocket, Afistfullofdollars 4.2pts & Gazmachine 3.12pts after his original selection was a non-runner so placed on the lowest number favourite. 

Still, lots of chances for all players to make it a winning month as Gazmachine leads with 20.93pts, Yvonnew 19.8pts, Baby Jane 18pts, Lindybops 16.4pts, Norfolkenchants 15pts, Jodonovan & Shukman 11pts & Afistfullofdollars 4.2pts. The rest of the field is yet to score. Basically, a decent winner would be enough for anyone to win. 

As it's the final week selections will not be updated until all tips are in. We have a 12 o'clock deadline so I have plenty of time to contact players in case of a meeting being abandoned. 

Please get your tips in nice and early.

Good luck to all.

* Note: Navan & Newbury are abandoned so do not tip a horse from this meeting   

Check to make sure your tip is correct - if it is wrong please contact me!!!!

Tipster selections: 

1:25  Lingfield - Cuban Spirit 2pt w (Eric Winner) 4th
1:25  Lingfield - Autumn Splendour 2pt w (Bird) 5th 
1:50  Doncaster - Shades Of Midnight 2pt w (David V)Unp 
1:50  Doncaster - Liosduin Bhearna 2pt w (Jodonovan)1st (14pts)
2:12  Kelso     - Moabit 2pt w (Norfolkenchants)4th
3:00  Doncaster - Ziggy Rose 2pt w (Mark J)2nd
3:10  Lingfield - Oh Purple Reign 2pt w (Longbow)8th
3:10  Lingfield - Melodic Charm 2pt w (Derek T)7th
3:10  Lingfield - Amarillo 2pt w (Winter)6th
3:10  Lingfield - Kondratiev Wave 2pt w (OneEyeEnos)5th
3:35  Doncaster - Ascot De Bruyere 2pt w (Mickwalkersnr)BD
3:35  Doncaster - Yalltari 2pt w (Shukman)3rd
3:45  Lingfield - Clog Maker 2pt w (Gazmachine)1st (3.68pts)
4:20  Lingfield - Sea Sculpture 2pt w (HCE)6th
4:20  Lingfield - Outlane 2pt w (Glueythepig) Unp 
6:00  Southwell - Paseo 2pt w (Afistfullofdollars)6th
6:30  Southwell - Harbour Front 2pt w (Baby Jane)2nd
7:30  Southwell - Irish Minister 2pt w (Hoofhearted)Unp 
8:00  Southwell - The Eagles Nest 2ptw (Yvonnew)2nd 
8:00  Southwell - Palazzo 2pt w (Lindybops)1st (12pts)
8:00  Southwell - Lady Carduros 2pt w (Mickishi) 6th

Good luck to all 

Congratulations to Lindybops winning with 28.4pts


Thanks to all who took part. 

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