Friday 15 November 2019

November's Tip Comp - Week 3

I'm not sure if it is the going, the change from Flat turf racing to National Hunt or tipsters out of form, but this month's comp, so far, hasn't set the world alight. 

Perhaps this week will see a few big winners. Last week saw just two points scorers. 

OneEyeEnos got 10pts, while HCE got 3.14pts when an odds-on shot prevailed. As most of you will be aware, I am traveling on Saturday and we have an early 11 am deadline

Sorry for the inconvenience but traveling on a later train will cost me double so I'm taking the cheaper option. 

Please make sure your tips are in as early as possible because I'm leaving the house at 11:30am and there is no way I will be able to upload tips sent later and they will be void. Everyone has been informed so the choice is yours. (I'm not going to keep chasing up late tips in future as it's getting ridiculous). 

Anyway, let's see a few winners this week and get the competition moving onwards and upwards. 

Good luck to all. 

Tipster selections: 

12:25 Lingfield     - Hibernian Warrior 2pt w (Gazmachine) 2nd
1:00  Lingfield     - So Beloved 2pt w (Jodonovan) 2nd
1:50  Cheltenham    - Restless Dreamer 2pt w (Mickwalkersnr) 6th
2:10  Lingfield     - Hulcote 2pt w (Betmanmike) 8th
2:10  Lingfield     - Scentasia 2pt w (OneEyeEnos) 1st (4.75) 
2:25  Cheltenham    - Happy Diva 2pt w (Mickishi) 1st (30pts)
2:25  Cheltenham    - Magic Saint 1pt ew (DavidV) 5th
2:25  Cheltenham    - Spiritofthegames 2pt w (Shukman) PU
2:25  Cheltenham    - Happy Diva 2pt w (Mark J) 1st (30pts)
2:35  Punchestown   - Bread And Butter 1pt ew (Baby Jane) Unp
3:00  Cheltenham    - Tobefair 2pt w (Bird) 3rd
3:05  Uttoxeter     - Briery Bunny wpt w (Derek T) PU
3:15  Lingfield     - Gifted Master 2pt w (Eric Winner) 8th
3:15  Lingfield     - Show Stealer 2pt w (Winter) Unp
3:35  Uttoxeter     - Elleon 1pt ew (Fist Full Of Dollars) 1st (11.375pts)
5:15  Wolverhampton - River Nymph 2pt w (HCE) 1st (3.14pts)
5:15  Wolverhampton - Rodin 2pt w (Glueythepig)4th
5:15  Wolverhampton - Rodin 2pt w (Longbow)4th

Good luck to all. 

The results will be updated this evening. 

Much appreciated.  


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