Saturday 2 November 2019

November's Tip Comp - Week 1

A new month. Last month's competition was good and bad in equal measures. Great to see David V winning his first competition with a big-priced winner and steamrolling the opposition with 41.6pts. The month didn't see much in light of point scorers as just three players put points on the board which is pretty poor. In addition, the last week was marred by race abandonments and late nonrunners which meant four players couldn't win the competition. The ups and downs of our little tipster competition. 

I'm sure this month will be much better and more straightforward. However, and please read this, and remember, we have a 12 O'clock deadline. There is an early race at 11:45am, so please make sure your entries are in early as possible and pay entry fees, too.

New players welcome. We should have a prize of £150+. 

Tipster selections:  

11:45  Newmarket  - Dusty Dream 1pt w (Fist Full Of Dollars)4th
11:45  Newmarket  - Ampney Red 1pt ew (HCE)Unp
12:20  Newmarket  - Waliyak 2pt w (Glueythepig)2nd  
12:20  Newmarket  - London 1pt ew (Gazmachine)Unp 
12:50  Wetherby   - Lough Salt 2pt w (Jodonovan) PU
1:35   Ascot      - Cervaro Mix 2pt w (Betmanmike)Unp
1:40   Ayr        - Blakerigg 2pt w (Derek T) 2nd 
1:55   Wetherby   - Zambella 2pt w (Mickishi) Unp
2:05   Newmarket  - Surf Dancer 2pt w (Winter) 8th
3:05   Wetherby   - Ballyandy 2pt w (Baby Jane) 4th
3:20   Ascot      - Cobra De Mai 1pt ew (Mark J) Unp
3:40   Wetherby   - Definitely Red 2pt w (Mickwalkersnr)4th
3:40   Wetherby   - La Bague Au Rio 2pt w (OneEyeEnos)Unp
5:00   Chelmsford - Cruyff 1pt ew (Shuckman)4th
5:00   Chelmsford - Emirates Currency 2pt w (Longbow)2nd
6:30   Chelmsford - *Zuba 1pt ew (David V) 1st (4.1pts)
7:00   Chelmsford - Senorita Grande 2pt w (Eric Winner)Unp
7:00   Chelmsford - Kodiline 2pt w (Bird) Unp

Good luck to all

* NR - placed on lowest number favourite 

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