Saturday 15 June 2019

June's Tip Comp - Week 3

The third week of the tipping comp and I'm pleased to say we have a 4:55couple of points scorers. Last week saw a mixed bag of results. However, Eric Winner sits at the head of the table with ith 9pts, from Jodonovan who is in second with 6pts. Everyone is in joint third place (because they haven't scored). Still, plenty to play for with this long month of Saturdays. A couple of meeting has been abandoned due to the weather, so keep an eye on the rain. Get those tips in nice and early with a 1pm deadline. 

Tipster selections:

2:10 Chester  - We Owen A Dragon 2pt w (Longbow) 7th
2:20 Bath     - Jungle Boogaloo 1pt ew (HCE)9th 
2:20 Bath     - Daddies Diva 2pt w (Gazmachine)3rd 
2:20 Bath     - Divine Covey 2pt w (Racing Mama)5th
2:25 York     - Get Knotted 2pt w (Mickwalkersnr)Unp
2:25 York     - Aljady 2pt w (Jodonovan) Unp    
2:35 Sandown  - Bahamian Sunrise 2pt w (Shukman)8th   
3:15 Sandown  - Hateya 2pt w (Dan The Man) 7th
3:15 Sandown  - Masham Star 2pt w (Winter) 8th  
3:15 Sandown  - Loch Ness Monster 2pt w (OneEyeEnos) 5th
3:35 York     - Dave Dexter 2pt w (Mark J) Unp
3:35 York     - Wedding Date 2pt w (Betmanmike) Unp
3:35 York     - Luxor 1pt ew (Derek T) Unp
4:00 Limerick - Hasankey 2pt w (Baby Jane) 4th
4:40 York     - Cockalorum 2pt w (Mickishi)4th 
4:45 Bath     - Broadhaven Dream 1pt ew (Bird) 5th
4:55 Chester  - Gabriel The Devil 2pt w (Eric Winner) 6th

Baby Jane updated 2:38pm 

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