Wednesday 22 May 2019

Moved To Friday!

Update: Saturday Tipping Competition

I've got a dilemma! 

My brother, Gareth, has surprised me with a day out on Saturday, and the train leaves at 7 am. 

Unfortunately, it is impossible for me to update the Saturday Tipping Competition on its designated day – Saturday. 

For that reason, the (Saturday) Tipping Competition will have to be moved to Friday 24th May. The normal deadline of 1 pm. 

I am very sorry for the inconvenience but I really am in a bit of a situation because I can't update the tips using my phone while I'm travelling across the country. 

Normal service will be resumed next month (as a thank you for your understanding I will add £20 to June's total prize). 

Please reply to this message to confirm you have received it and you will forward your tip on Friday 24th May, before the 1 pm deadline. 

Thanks for your support, 

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