Saturday 1 June 2019

June's Tip Comp - Week 1

It's a new month. 

May's competition saw a fight to the line. Betmanmike took the spoils with 40pts, just pipping Mickwalkersnr who was on 39.2pts. 

It was a close, gritty, competitive heat. 

Our illustrious competition has its twists and turns. 

We are back to normality this month (sticking to Saturday's). I must apologise for last week's change but I was in a fix and that seemed the answer to the question. 

Anyway, as a gesture of goodwill (and because I am a generous soul) - only this month - I will be giving free entry to next month's competition for the lucky pair who finish second and third in this month's play. It will be interesting if it brings about a different style of play in the final week.

So there is, even more, to play for. 

Good news!!!! 

Please give a warm welcome to a new player BABYJANE who wants to join our little tipster comp. 

Be lucky.

Please get your entry fees in if outstanding. We have a 1pm deadline for tips but please get them in as early as you can because a few meeting start not too many minutes after. Good luck to all. 

Tipster selections:

1:55 Doncaster   - Broken Rifle 2pt w (Longbow) 6th
1:55 Doncaster   - Saqqara King 2pt w (Dan The Man) 4th 
1:55 Doncaster   - Kuwait Direction 2pt w (HCE) 2nd
1:55 Doncaster   - Bravo Faisal 2pt w (Gazmachine) 5th 
2:30 Doncaster   - Hunni 2pt w (Shukman) 6th
2:35 Epsom       - Vivianite 1pt ew (Racing Mama)5th 
2:35 Epsom       - Akvavera 2pt w (Winter)7th 
3:45 Epsom       - Duke Of Firenze 2pt w (Jodonovan) 7th
3:45 Epsom       - Just Glamorous 1pt ew (Bird) Unp
3:45 Epsom       - Caspian Prince 1pt ew (Mickwalkersnr)Unp
3:45 Epsom       - Hathiq 2pt w (OneEyeEnos) Unp
3:45 Epsom       - Daschas 2pt w (Betmanmike) Unp
3:50 Hexham      - Dolly's Destination 2pt w (Mickishi)2nd
4:30 Ascot       - Circus Maximus 2pt w (Mark J) Unp
4:55 Musselburgh - Hawaam 2pt w (Eric Winner) 3rd 
5:45 Lingfield   - Cherry Cola 1pt ew (BabyJane)4th 
7:00 Stratford   - Mister Fizz 2pt w (Derek T) 5th

Good luck to all 

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