Friday 19 October 2018

October Tip Comp - Week 3

We saw some action last week. A couple of tipsters put on their tipping hat and points were scored. Winter struck a blow with a nice winner and put 26pts in his pocket. The only other win came from HCE. It barely registered with 3.23pts. To be honest, Winter could well have a winning edge in this relatively short month. Just the two Saturdays to catch him. He must be big odds on. Time will tell, as always. The tipsters know they need a big priced winner so they will be searching high and low. A 1pm deadline so get those tips in nice and early if you can. Good luck to all who take part. 

Tipster selections:

2:00 Ascot         - Dream of Dreams 1pt ew (Racing Mama)Unp
2:00 Ascot         - Tasleet 2ptw (Shukman) 8th
2:00 Ascot         - Limato 2ptw (Winter)9th
2:25 Catterick     - Liam's Lass 2ptw (Longbow)4th
2:25 Catterick     - Arletta Star 2ptw (HCE)3rd
2:25 Catterick     - Country Star 2ptw (Gazmachine)PU
2:45 Ffos Las      - Annie Bonny 2ptw (Bird)5th
3:30 Catterick     - Blue de Vega 2ptw (Rawnsley)Unp  
3:30 Catterick     - Duke Of Firenze 2ptw (Jodonovan)5th
4:30 Ascot         - Mjjack 1pt ew (Mark J)3rd (6pts)
4:30 Ascot         - Zwayyan 2ptw (Betmanmike)Unp
4:30 Ascot         - Aquarium 2ptw (Dan The Man) Unp
6:15 Wolverhampton - Masquerading Bling 2ptw (Eric Winner)5th 

Good luck to all  

Note: Mark J tip is 1pt ew (not 2pt w)