Friday 3 August 2018

August's Tip Comp - Week 1

The first week of a new month. Winter took the spoils last month with a fair score on 31pts. Who will win this month? It could be you. Plenty of opportunities to push decent cash in your purse. Once again, this is a relatively short month with just four Saturdays so every point counts. Get those tips in nice and early with a 1pm deadline. Please get those entry fees in nice and early,too. Good luck to all who take part. 

Tipster selections:  

1:40 Chelmsford - Misty Spirit 2pt w (Eric Winner) 8th
1:45 Thirsk     - Three Card Trick 2pt w (HCE)4th
1:45 Thirsk     - Bartle Hall 2pt w (Longbow)8th
1:45 Thirsk     - Golden Circle 2pt w (Gazmachine) 2nd
1:50 Goodwood   - Related 2pt w (Mark J) 3rd
2:05 Newmarket  - Crimson Rosette 2pt w (Dan The Man) 1st (11pts)
2:25 Goodwood   - Arch Villian 1pt ew (Racing Mama)4th
2:25 Goodwood   - Plattitude 2pt w (Jodonovan) 8th
2:50 Thirsk     - War Whisper 2pt w (Betmanmike)7th
3:25 Thirsk     - Elusive Heights 1pt ew (Rawnsley)3rd (5pts)
3:40 Goodwood   - George Bowen 2pt w (Winter) 5th
5:20 Galway     - Weekend Offender 1pt ew (Shukman)8th
7:35 Lingfield  - Indian Affair 1pt ew (Bird)4th

Good luck to all