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Friday, 27 April 2018

April's Tip Comp - Week 4

The last week of this month's tip comp. There wasn't too much to crow about last Saturday. Probably most noted performance was Shukman 2nd place which could have put him joint top if not for a short head defeat. Gazmachine had a second while everyone else didn't do too much at all. So, the final opportunity to get your hands on the cash. Betmanmike still holds the lead with 26pts, Gazmachine second with 22pts, while HCE sits in third with 8.66pts. We have a few cards for Saturday so find a winner if you can. 1pm Deadline, so get those tips in early if you can. 

Tipster selections: 

1:50 Sandown       - Show On The Road 2pt w (Mark J)8th 
2:20 Ripon         - Windsor Beach 2pt w (Rawnsley) 1st (42pts)
3:35 Sandown       - Bigbadjohn 2pt w (Jodonovan)PU
3:35 Sandown       - Regal Encore 2pt w (Dantheman) PU
3:35 Sandown       - Rock The Kasbah 2pt w (HCE)2nd
3:35 Sandown       - Rathlin Road 2pt w (Poo) PU
5:15 Sandown       - Stamp Your Feet 1pt ew (Betmanmike)PU
5:15 Sandown       - Psychedelic Rock 2pt w (Longbow)6th
5:15 Sandown       - Ballotin 1pt ew (Racing Mama)PU
5:25 Wolverhampton - Whitecrest 2pt w (Eric Winner)6th
5:25 Wolverhampton - Whitecrest 2pt w (Shukman)6th
5:25 Wolverhampton - Indian Affair 2pt w (Bird)5th
5:45 Doncaster     - No Lippy 2pt w (Gazmachine) 1st (6pts)

Good luck to all

Congratulations to Rawnsley winning this month's tip competition with 42pts.