Friday 7 October 2016

October's Tipping Contest - Week 2

It's a long week in politics, weather and the pound dropped 6% against the dollar. I'm stabilizing my financial by pinning my hopes on winning this month's competition after a losing run on Lotto scratch cards (joke). It's week two of our illustrious tipping competition. Only two players found winners. Bird sits at the top of the table with a healthy lead and 12pts in the bag. The only other scorer is HCE with 3.142pts. There are lots of meeting tomorrow from Chepstow to York. It's a long month with 5 Saturday's so no one has hit the panic button (just yet). Get those tips in nice and early. 1PM Deadline. 

Tipster selections: 

3:15 Chepstow  - The Inval 2pt w (Mixerman) 3rd 
3:45 York      - Normandy Barriere 2pt w (Mark J) 
3:45 York      - Mayfair Lady 1pt ew (Betmanmike)  Unp
3:45 York      - Hoof It 2pt w (Eric Winner) 3rd 
3:45 York      - Intisaab 2pt w (Rawnsley)  1st (30pts) 
4:20 York      - Etikaal 2pt w (HCE) Unp
4:25 Chepstow  - Tea In Transvaal 1pt ew (Shukman)Unp
4:25 Chepstow  - Tea In Transvaal 2pt w (Bird) Unp
5:00 Chepstow  - Kilalla Quay 2pt w (Jodonovan) Unp
6:10 Newcastle - All About Time 2pt w (Winter) 3rd

Good luck to all