Friday 1 July 2016

July's Tipping Competition - Week 1

Well, it's a new month so that mean one thing - it's  a new month! It also means that it's the start of a new tipping competition. Yippie. I have some good news so keep reading. Longbow won for the second time in three months with Jodonovan splitting two victories with a victory. Can, dare I say it, Longboy win this month? I don't know! However, you can guarantee one thing he will be trying his best, just like each and every one of our tipsters. Because I like to show my support I am giving an extra bonus so we will be giving FREE ENTRY for next month's competition for 2nd & 3rd prize (yes, I must be mad because I don't actually make any money from this website so it comes out of my pocket but I do my best for those who support me). So, this may be a good time for new players to take the plunge considering that if you can hit the frame (3 places) you cannot lose a penny. As you can imagine, I'm not holding my breath. :-) 1PM Deadline. Thanks for all those who take part.   

Tipster selections:

1:25 Sandown    - London Protocol 2pt w (Dan The Man)3rd
1:50 Beverley   - Sir Viktor 2pt w (HCE)4th
2:25 Beverley   - Liquid 2pt w (Longbow)5th
2:35 Sandown    - *Duke Of Firenze 1pt ew (Gareth)Unp
2:50 Hyadock    - Paddy's Motorbike 1pt ew (Bird) Unp
3:25 Haydock    - Cornwallville 2pt w (Jodonovan) Unp
3:35 Beverley   - My Name Is Rio 2pt w (Eric Winner)1st (12pts)
3:35 Beverley   - Imperial Legend 2pt w (Mixerman)Unp
3:45 Sandown    - Hawkbill 2pt w (Mark J)1st (14pts)
3:45 Sandown    - Western Hymn 1pt ew (Rawnsley)Unp
4:10 Beverley   - British Embassy 2pt w (Winter)1st (6.5pts)
4:20 Sandown    - Nearly Caught 1pt ew (Shukman)3rd (3.8pts)
6:15 Nottingham - Turanga Leela 2pt w (Gluey The Pig) 4th

Good luck to all 

* NR - Lowest number fav