Friday 22 July 2016

July's Tip Comp - Week 4

No points. That's how many points were scored last week as a few tried in vain to hit a big winner. However, there's still lots to play for. MONEY. Mark J sits at the top of the table with 23pts. Mixerman not too far away with 16pts. Eric Winner has been in fine form this week and has 12pts in third. The other point scorer includes Winter with 6.5pts and Shukman 3.8pts. This week and next to sort out the winner of a decent prize. It takes just one winner to make the difference. 1PM Deadline. Good luck to all. 

Tipster selections: 

2:45 Ascot     - Kocollada 2pt w (HCE)Unp
2:45 Ascot     - Kachess 2pt w (Glueythepig)Unp
3:00 York      - Atlantic Sun 2pt w (Rawnsley)Unp
3:45 Newmarket - Rah Rah 2pt w (Winter) Unp
3:45 Newmarket - David's Duchess 2pt w (Dan The Man) Unp
3:55 Ascot     - Mullionheir 2pt w (Gareth) Unp
4:00 Chester   - Secret Asset 2pt w (Eric Winner) 2nd
4:10 York      - Lious The Pious 1pt ew (Mixerman) Unp  
4:10 York      - Wise Kid 2pt w (Jodonovan) Unp
4:30 Ascot     - Dartmouth 2pt w (Mark J)3rd 
5:15 Salisbury - George Baker 2pt w (Bird)2nd
6:20 Salisbury - Lucky Clover 2pt w (Shukman) Unp
6:50 Salisbury - Eolian 2pt w (Longbow)Unp

Good luck to all