Friday 11 March 2016

March Tipster Competition - Week 2

The second week of this month's competition and a pretty quiet with just HCE with 3,23pts. Who can find a nice winner? Still plenty to play for so get those tips in and enjoy the spectacle. 1PM Deadline. Thanks all those who take part. 

Tipster selections:

3:10 Sandown       - Spice Fair 2pt w (Mark J)3rd 
3:10 Sandown       - Spice Fair 1pt ew (Shukman)3rd 6pts
3:10 Sandown       - Sirop De Minthe 2pt w (Gareth)Unp
3:10 Sandown       - Sirop De Minthe 1pt ew (Rawnsley)Unp
3:10 Sandown       - Ebony Express 2pt w (Davidson) Unp
3:10 Sandown       - Priairie Town 1pt ew (Winter) Unp
3:10 Sandown       - Rayvin Black 2pt w (Jodonovan)Unp 
4:00 Wolverhampton - Steelriver 2pt w (Eric Winner)2nd
4:00 Wolverhampton - Anonymous John 1pt ew (Bird)Unp
4:20 Sandown       - Kylemore Lough 2pt w (HCE) 1st 3.066pts
4:20 Sandown       - Dormello Mo 2pt w (Me Old Mum)2nd 
5:10 Wolverhampton - Margoesque 2pt w (Longbow)Unp

Good luck to all