Friday 18 December 2015

December's Competition - Week 3

Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat...Please put a penny in the old man's hat. I watched Scrooge the other night, on the box. Albert Finney asking about the biggest turkey in the shop window. I'm far too generous to ever be considered like Eberneza Scrooge, perhaps a generous Malley's Ghost. I had a dream about three spirits coming to visit me in one night: Whiskey, Brandy and Eggnog!!!!  Week 3 of this festive month and things are warming up like Jamie Oliver's mince pies. Glueythepig (8.666pts) and Longbow (8.55pts) made small inroads on Shuckman's lead (9.8pts). Danny is in 4th with (8pts), while Eric Winner (6.5pts) is best of the rest. Still time to get points on the board so a pretty open contest. 12 O'Clock deadline (earlier if you possible). Good luck to all.  

Tipster selections:

12:05 Lingfield - Burmese Whipsre 1pt ew (Longbow)3rd
12:35 Lingfield - Billy Red 2pt w (Eric Winner) Unp
12:55 Haydock   - Yes I Did 2pt w (Danny)3rd
1:10  Lingfield - Noble Silk 1pt ew (Rawnsley)Unp 
1:45  Lingfield - Good Trip 2pt w (Glueythepig)2nd
1:45  Lingfield - Special Season 2pt w (HCE)1st (4.5pts)
2:05  Haydock   - Aerlite Supreme 2pt w (Bird)Unp
3:00  Ascot     - Houblon Des Obbeaux 2pt w (Jodonovan)Unp 
2:25  Ascot     - Deputy Dan 1pt ew (Shukman) 3rd (3.8pts)
3:35  Ascot     - Galizzi 2pt w (Mark J)Unp
3:35  Ascot     - Sternrubin 2pt w (Winter)1st DH(11pts)
3:35  Ascot     - Winner Massagot 2pt w (Davidson) Unp    
3:35  Ascot     - Galizzi 1pt ew (Gareth) Unp

Good luck to all