Friday 4 September 2015

Saturday Tipping Competition - September

Well, the waiting is over. The unveiling of the Bloody Good Winner Tipping Competition. I'd crack a bottle champagne on a stern if I was near a big ship. It's dangerous on a dingy! I hope the regulars have familiarised themselves with the new look and lay out. 

With the new character theme and player odds chalked up each week it all adds to the fun. Plus, every month your Gambler Character Icon gives you the chance to gain free entry. Yes, as usual, I have to put my hand in my pocket. No one can say that I don't do my best to make this a good, fun, professional competition. 

All we need is all for all of this month's professionals to keep coming back for more and even adding to their potential win prize by Referring A Friend (adds £15 to your prize money if you win that month's comp) and we have something worth winning. 

Everything is in place to go onward and upward. I've put the work in to make it a better experience and achieved that goal. The rest, as they say, is up to you. We have a bumper prize this month of (at the moment) £150, so spread the word, get those tips a-flying, find a winner, sing, rejoice, spend your winnings. Bliss.

I would to suggest to all those who went into the free competition to give the professional competition a go. It is a matter of £2 a week. You are all betting and following the racing day in day out. If you fancy yourself as a winner...well you know what to do. Join the fun. 

1PM DEADLINE - [Please send your tip to jason@bloodygoodwinner.co.uk]

Tipster Selections:

1:40 Ascot         - Manson 1pt ew (HCE)6th
1:40 Ascot         - Calvados Spirit 1pt ew (Glueythepig)Unp
2:50 Ascot         - Gabriel's Lad 2pt w (Betmanmike)Unp
2:50 Ascot         - Outback Traveller 1pt ew (Rawnsley)4th 6pts
3:10 Haydock       - Ballesteros 1pt ew (Shukman)Unp
3:45 Haydock       - Eastern Impact 2pt w (Eric)7th
3:45 Haydock       - Waady 1pt ew (Gareth) Unp
3:45 Haydock       - Adaay 2pt w (Jerry Bank) 9th
3:45 Haydock       - Waady 2pt w (OneEyeEnos) Unp
3:45 Haydock       - Mattmu 2pt w (Mark J)Unp
3:45 Haydock       - Strath Burn 1pt ew (Winter) 2nd 7.6pts
3:45 Haydock       - Adaay 2pt w (Davidson) 9th
5:40 Ascot         - Perfect Muse 2pt w (Jodonovan)2nd
6:30 Wolverhampton - Above N Beyond 2pt w (Longbow)3rd
7:30 Wolverhampton - Doctor Kehoe 1pt ew (Bird)2nd 4.2pts

The first week of the tipster competition. Three with points on the board. Alan Winter nearly drove a stake through the heart of every punter when Strath Burn ran a stormer at odds of 33/1 to lose in a photo finish. He is a tipster those competitive nature is a kin to Dracula in his lust for blood. Winter leads with 7.6 pts. Rawnsley made a decent selection with Outback Traveller, who cruised along for a good way, and held on for a place with 6 pts in the bag. Bird hit the frame with a 16/1 shot which held second without much fuss and didn't have the best run of the race. A tidy 4.2pts. Still all to play for.