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Gee Whiz! The horses are in flying form - but what about you? To make it easier to see which players are in or out of form you can review their profile. 

It details: 

  1. Username 
  2. Bet Style: [11 Character Traits: Pro Gambler, Safety First, Favourite Backer, Each-Way Lover, Crazy Gambler, Spec Bet, For Me To Know, Gallop Watcher, Racing Post Reader, Crystal Ball,  Lucky Pin] 
  3. Form
  4. Prize Winnings. 

NEW - Updated from March 2016

Player Profiles:

                Username: David V
                Bet Style: Straight Win 
                Form: 180000
                Prize Winnings: £170 

Username: Eric Winner
Bet Style: Pro Gambler
Form: 00306110603300300321350000410000010001000
Prize Winnings: £695

Username: Gazmachine
Bet Style: Crazy Gambler
Form: 430408030031200300407127030 
Prize Winnings: £270

Username: Longbow
Bet Style: Spec Bet
Form: 00054401102420514455001402060510000030700
Prize Winnings: £590

Username: HCE
Bet Style: Safety First
Form: 00007223230032220043214633400054643401370001
Prize Winnings: £500

Username: Dan The Man 
Bet Style: Straight Win 
Form: 0211760001002220600
Prize Winnings: £360

Username: Bobby Talk
Bet Style: Each-Way lover
Form: 06
Prize Winnings:

Username: Glueythepig
Bet Style: Gallop Watcher
Form: 3030300310
Prize Winnings: £200

Username: Betmanmike
Bet Style: Each-Way Lover
Prize Winnings: £490

Username: Rawnsley
Bet Style: 
Form: 05060671340317441020410052004 - 
Prize Winnings: £445

Username: Winter
Bet Style: Spec Bet
Form: 121020240400004212002210011104020000600
Prize Winnings: £910

Username: Bird
Bet Style: Welsh Guru
Form: 94470330420220065346502060007660136000000
Prize Winnings: £140

Username: Jodonovan
Bet Style: Racing Post Reader
Form: 002106010000010200200030005175704000520
Prize Winnings: £430

Username: OneEyeEnos
Bet Style: Crazy Gambler
Form: 50043003005000
Prize Winnings:

Username: Shukman
Bet Style: Value Seeker
Form: 0602140450540633010332701304263030005004070
Prize Winnings: £360

Username: Me Old Mum
Bet Style: Crystal Ball
Form: 00
Prize Winnings:

Username: Jerry Banks
Bet Style: Pro Gambler
Prize Winnings:

Username: Mark J
Bet Style: Each Way Lover
Form: 000005502010100005000400070040100010000
Prize Winnings: £355

Username: Gazmachine
Bet Style: Sports Bettor
Form: 4200306405037030
Prize Winnings: £0

Username: Mixerman 
                 Bet Style: Each Way Lover 
                 Form: 20005100510 
                 Prize Winnings: £210

Username: Racing Mama 
Bet Style: Each Way Lover
Form: 5046000000040600
Prize Winnings: 

Bet Style: Spots Bettor
Form: 175704710003
Prize Winnings: £240

Username: Yvonne 
Bet Style: Straight Win
Form: 035040
Prize Winnings: £0

Username: Mickwalkersnr
Bet Style: Each way lover
Form: 032040200800 
Prize Winnings: £0

Username: Lindybops
Bet Style: Straight win
Form: 12314
Prize money £380

Username: Derek T
Bet Style: Straight Win
Form: 70000020
Prize money:

Uusername: Fistfullofdollars
Bet Style: Group Horse
Form: 060082
Prize money:

Username: Baby Jane
Bet Style: Each way lover
Form: 56
Prize money: 

Username: Norfolkenchants
Bet style: Straight win
Prize money: 65

Username: Hoofhearted 
Bet style: Crazy Gambler
Prize money: