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When do I choose my Gambler Icon? 

New players must take part in 5 competitions before allocation of their Gambler Icon (Saturday Tipping Comp Included).  Email your choice to

* Taken 

Q) Why do I want a Gambler Icon? 

A) You don't have to choose one but it adds a little fun to proceedings. Importantly, your icon may win you free entry to the tipster competition. (Icon selection is not automated. Please email with reference id to 

Q) How?

A) Before each month's competition we put all 90 characters in our hat. If we pluck your icon from the old bowler you are granted free entry (worth £10). A minimum of 10 Players are needed for this to come into play.  

Icon Rules/Advantages:

Keep your icon for two years. 

Q) Can I buy a Gambler Icon?

A) Yes, you may buy a gambler icon at any time for £10. Just pay via the Pay Pal button detailing your character choice (e.g A9, B3, C7...) Players are limited to a maximum of three icons (the first used on your profile unless you wish to enter the tipster competition more times). The benefit is that you don't have to wait for 5 competitions to get your free icon and importantly you have more chance of winning free entry. The winning icon is used for that month's free entry.  

Gambler Icons may entitle you to free entry to our fabulous tip comp. Plus, a host of other prizes including books, free bets, random things to make you smile etc.    

Q) How will I know if I have won free entry? 

A) Visit this page a few days before the new comp begins. If you spot your gambler icon plastered over the ''Wanted Poster'' You've won!!!!!!!!!

How do I collect my prize?

A) Email: Subject - ''Wanted Dead or Alive!'' 

*Important: You need to check this page to see if you have won.

Q) Why?

A) We will not email players. How come? We want you chomping at the bit win, lose or draw. It encourages old players to see if they have gained entry to next month's tipping competition for free. 

It's enough to get most punters looking.  

Good luck to all.     

Gambler Icon ID

Longbow      - E9
HCE          - B2
Glueythepig  - F3
Gareth       - I10
Pamela Peach - C10 
Bobby Talk   - E2
Eric Winner  - G1 
Betmanmike   - A2  
Rawnsley     - A5
Winter       - F1
Bird         - F9  
Clint        - B6
Jodonovan    - H2
OneEyeEnos   - E4 
Me Old Mum   - A7
Shukman      - D1
Jerry Banks  - D6 
Davidson     - D4